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Staxus: Floppy-Haired Fresher Takes A Hunky Pounding For His Debut! (Colin Horner, Jimmy Jefferson)

It’s his debut, so there’s every reason why rookie star, Jimmy Jefferson, looks a little nervous. Not that he really anything to worry about, of course. He’s in the hands of handsome stud, Colin Horner – a relative newcomer himself, but who’s quickly able to put the new boy at ease with some tender kisses to his chest, before diving down into the lad’s nicely shaved crotch to explore that deliciously cut cock. It’s a move that seems to shake all Jefferson’s inhibitions away, since before you know it the fellow is replicating Horner’s favour and is savouring the pleasures of giving head for himself. All of which leads us nicely towards what most fans are probably looking for to more than anything else; as Horner finally turns his eye to his young charge’s untouched pucker, eagerly rimming the tight little hole, then pressing the head of his aching shaft against heaven’s door. The ensuing fuck is as satisfying to watch as it surely was to enact; with Jefferson’s hungry guts admirably taking everything that Horner can muster. Little wonder, therefore, that the pup is soon spewing frottage-style against the stud’s shaft; before he leaps to gobble greedily away at Horner’s own eruption seconds later.


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