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Southern Strokes: Pure (Chris Summers & Zack Love)

Real life couple Chris Summers and Zack Love let Southern Strokes into their private bath time and our crew got to witness something truly special. As the twinks make out, it’s clear they have a unique bond and enjoy being with each other. They remind us that sex can be fun and playful, while at the same time, sensual. They also remind us that good sex doesn’t always have to end with a cock up someone’s ass because, well…frankly, sometimes all we want is a blowjob. And because it’s all about the intimacy for Chris and Zack, they practically forget we’re on set as they take turns sucking each other and licking pink, puckered buds. Dark-haired Chris makes a meal out of Zack’s cock and ends up shooting a load all over Zack’s face, giving him a nice facial. Zack eats some of Chris’s cum straight from the source before taking hold of himself and stroking out an enormous load of jizz all over Chris. Ahhh, young love. So innocent. So pure!


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