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BoyFun: Spanish Adventures, Mountin’ on the Mountains (Alec Loob, Alex Faux, Casper Ivarsson, Maxxie Rivers)

Ah, young love! Or is it young lust? Either way, we’re here for it. Young twinks Maxxie and Alex fill us in on the fun they’ve been having with their respective new boyfriends Casper and Alec, and what a tale they have to tell.

It was supposed to be an innocent double date, with Alex leading his boo Alec and Maxxie with his boy Casper, but as you’ll see it became something far hotter than anyone expected.

Stopping at a gorgeous spot overlooking the valley Maxxie and Alex can’t keep their hands, or mouths, to themselves, quickly gobbling on the juicy dicks of their respective love interests right there in the open. It’s a good thing there aren’t any locals to interrupt their rampant cock lust, but I think we all know any farmer discovering these antics would only likely get his own dick out for a little alfresco fun, too.

It should go without saying that these two bottom boys are down for almost anything, so it’s no surprise they’re soon swapping their partners and getting a taste of the other’s delicious dick, their own cocks being slurped and stroked and their butt holes ready for a thorough pounding.

Making use of some nearby trees Maxxie and Alex brace themselves while Casper and Alec ease their naked ram rods between those cheeks, taking their turn in each of the boy’s, swapping their bottoms with ravenous desperation to cum.

After some deep dicking for both in the trees the boys take a ride, Maxxie riding Casper and Alex fucking himself on Alec’s big meat, the two spurting their hot milky juices over the ground before kneeling for a shower of spunk from their two top boys.


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