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BoyFun: It Takes Three To Tangle (Antony Carter, Austin Cook, Jacob Dolce)

Horny young Alex has a thing for sexy Kaleb, and who could blame him? The boy is gorgeous, and that cock is verging on becoming a tourist attraction. Alex is certain that he could pleasure that tool like no other, but Alexander is game for a challenge and the two decide to compete in a BoyFun contest like no other. It seems neither of the boys needs to inform young Kaleb of their little wager, but then again he’s about to be worshiped by two talented cock-pleasers so we can’t imagine he’d complain. Just in time the slender young man arrives, ready to let Alex show his worth, the two making out on the couch with obvious passion. Within moments Alex has zeroed-in on the gargantuan object of his lust, the long and thick tool revealed and shoved between his lips. The boy clearly wasn’t exaggerating when he said he could relish that incredible dick with skill, the hard pink flesh is soon glistening with a mix of spit and precum. Cute Alex is in heaven already, but his joy only grows when his ass is out and he’s sliding his snug little butt down on his massively endowed friend, riding his dick from root to tip while he jacks his own leaking tool. power fucked from behind he’s soon moaning with lust, sweat dripping from his brow, taking a moment of relief to suck on the tool once again before laying back for the final stretch. With hung Kaleb in control there’s little to stop that prostate-pounding fuck from making his bottom buddy spill his seed. Alex bursts his cream out over himself, with hung Kaleb soon ready to deliver his right to the boy’s greedy mouth, splashing semen from his incredible dick in a well-deserved finish. Out of breath and satisfied with a job well done Alex heads for the shower, and without a moment’s pause Alexander arrives to get his turn.

Adorable straight twink boy Austin seems to be feeling a little curious, but then it’s hard to imagine any young man wouldn’t be with gorgeous guys Antony and Jacob so eager to enjoy some BoyFun. The two handsome and toned lads are making out on the couch when Austin interrupts, seeing Antony’s impressive 8-inch uncut cock throbbing out of his jeans. His own uncut boner is soon out of his pants while he watches the fit boys getting more and more involved, with Antony’s mouth eager to slide down on Jacob’s revealed shaft.

It’s clear the boy isn’t used to seeing so much hard young cock around him when he’s caught wanking and spying and invited to join them, but with some pumps of his prick and a friendly grope he’s taking the chance to sit between the two while they explore him.

Not surprisingly his long uncut cock is soon rigid while Antony licks and sucks him, his curiosity being satisfied in the best way. He might have only been seeking a little light relief but when he watches Antony’s big bareback cock thrusting in and out of Jacob’s hole, which being gobbled by the bottom boy, he’s quickly ready to experience his own first-time fuck.

Little Austin can’t quite believe how good it feels when he eases his naked cock into Jacob’s ass to fuck him from behind, but watching as Antony takes his turn while Jacob licks and slurps his juicy straight boy boner is what really gets him cumming.

the boy launches a hot mess from his cock, splashing his semen all over Jacob’s chest while Antony powers in and out of his hole, soon to be doubled with Jacob’s wanked out load and then tripled with Antony’s hot milky juices too!

I think we all know this won’t be the last time the straight boy indulges, it’s a good thing he has such awesome friends ready to teach him.


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