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BoyFun: A Brisk Day’s Frisk (Jacob Dolce, Maksym King)

The stunning view of the city only gets better with gorgeous boy Jacob Dolce in the frame, but it’s made even more beautiful when his friend Maksym King arrives to tempt him in from the chilly outdoors, seeking to share some intimate BoyFun.

Once on the couch the two are exploring, their hungry lips only parting to reveal those smooth and toned torsos. They’re stunning boys, no doubt about it, both fit and athletic, with hard young erections soon poking out of their pants, their hands groping and stroking each other with youthful lust.

Maksym is the first to get a taste, his lips moving from his friend’s loving mouth to his aching boner, gently sucking and lapping his friend with experienced moves. Jacob is quick to return the favor the moment he has the opportunity to slurp his pal, his expert mouth sliding up and down, his own cock twitching for more of the same.

The oral pleasure is slow and sensual as the boys swap their dicks, but when Jacob turns his attention to his friend’s snug little pucker we know it won’t be long before he’s easing his naked length inside.

Maksym is in heaven, the warm and wet tongue replaced by the feel of the boy’s bare length. He slides his tight hole down on his buddy with ease, riding his friend until Jacob is ready to go deeper and take him from behind. The pleasure grows with each thrust, the prostate-prodding while on his back finally taking young Maksym over the edge as semen spills from his desperate erection to decorate his tight abs.

The sight and smell of his lover’s load is enough to have Jacob quickly ready to deliver his own glorious finish, a few more thrusts in his friend’s naked butt and he’s pulling out to pump a messy explosion of hot young cum all over Maksym’s cock and balls.

There’s so much for a couple of young guys to do in the city, but spending the afternoon pleasuring each other is the clear winner.


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