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8Teenboy: Winter Break vol. 6: Probing Deep (Caleb Gray, Milo Harper)

This is the scene you’ve been waiting for! Our gorgeous group of high school hotties are finally packed tightly together in a cozy cabin on their senior ski trip and Caleb Gray, who’s been fucking Riley behind the boyfriend’s back, is having a tough time seeing his fuck buddy with his boyfriend, Taylor. Caleb’s definitely caught more feelings for Riley than he initially thought; so, naturally the dude is down in the dumps seeing his booty buddy snuggled up to his BF. Milo Harper notices Caleb’s conundrum and decides to put a smile on the sexy sulker. He starts with a mind blowing blowjob; then, moves on to an erotic ass examination while stuffing Gray’s gorgeous mouth full of his massive meat. No ass exam would be complete without a tongue fucking. After working Caleb’s cock hungry hole into a “fuck me please frenzy,” Harper harpoons his hole with his more than ample uncut appendage. Gray’s juicy jock is hungry for some hind end action as well; so, he throws Milo a beefy bone in a raunchy, raw dirty dogging dick drill to the delicious dude’s divine dirt road. Harper takes every inch of the hottie’s hefty hog before his top tendencies kick back in and he can’t help but saunter up behind Caleb and cock the brunette’s smooth booty, finishing what he started. The raw ram-a-thon builds, bringing both boys to a fuck- firehose finale.They’re rocked up cocks explode, emptying every ounce of ooze all over Caleb’s tight torso, covering him with a winter white coat of cum, perfect for the senior ski trip, booty bunnies. Feeling closer to Milo, Caleb confesses he’s been fucking Riley, who just happens to be Milo’s bestie….. What will Milo do with this new info? Find out in the next dick heavy, drama filled fuck-travaganza of “Winter Break.” Coming soon!


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Young Uncut Twink Teens Teenboy Teenage Students School Rimming Milo Harper Kissing Gay Caleb Gray Brunette Boys Blowjob Big Dick Bareback Anal Sex  8Teenboy: Winter Break vol. 6: Probing Deep (Caleb Gray, Milo Harper)
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