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8Teenboy: Paxton Ward Solo Session

Pretty boy twink fans, this is the boy you’ve been waiting for! With his stunning movie star good looks, new kid on the block, Paxton Ward is ready to take the porn world by storm. Max Carter directs the crazy hot college boy in his first video ever; and, Ward is a wonder in front of the camera! His warm brown hair dangles in his big bedroom eyes as he bites his pink pouty lips, (which sport a very fitting beauty mark) while he chats with Max. Carter charms him out of his clothes and, down to his sexy black undies. Carter caresses his smooth skin and teases his cock before pulling his tight underwear down to release his thick twink stick which, is just as pretty as the rest of him. Max massages the boy’s main muscle as Paxton plays with his perfect, pink nips. Then, Max has the naughty newbie show off his bangin’ backside. Wade revels in the ass attention, looking back with that beautiful face of his as Carter lubes up his hot little hole and does a thorough ass inspection. Max goes back and forth between pretty boy’s booty and brick hard bone. His erotic efforts are met with heavy breath and sexy, subtle moans of pleasure. On his back again, Paxton seduces the camera with a come fuck me stare that will stir your soul and plump your pole. Paxton lays back and enjoys muscle stud Max’s strong hands stroking his hard schlong and probing his tight little pucker. Ward’s cock throbs and thickens, growing diamond hard and, it’s clear he’s about to blow. Caster steps back, framing the future super star perfectly for his first ever on cam cum shot. Pretty boy Paxton does NOT disappoint. His breath quickens and his stomach crunches, showing off his sexy six pack as he convulses in oozy, orgasmic pleasure. Max signs off with his signature move, milking every delicious drop from Paxton’s perfect piece.


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