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8Teenboy: Creamy (Jack Philips, Chase Williams)

Fresh out of the gate, Jack Phillips and Chase Williams get right down to it in this sultry teen -slam scene! With sensual kisses and caresses, the cock craving duo disrobe one another as Phillips works Williams down to the bed. He tastes every inch of the twink’s torso while making his way down to that fat 7 incher! He pulls Chase’s pants down; then, kisses the meaty monster over his bulging blue ball huggers before unleashing the beast. Jack deep throats the dude’s huge hairless hog as Chase plays with his pierced nipples. Anxious to get his own dick licked, Phillips stands up and sheds his jeans, revealing his already hard hog, which nearly wraps around his leg! Chase dives right in, accepting almost all of Jack’s juicy 8 inches down his thirsty throat. Williams works the brunette bad boy into a frenzy. With a raging hard on, Phillips orders Chase onto his back; then, he tosses the guy’s legs in the air, and tears into his pink hole with a deep, darting tongue until Williams can’t help but ask for a fucking. Phillips plants a kiss on the horny hottie, then breaks in the boy’s backdoor with his bareback bone. Jack pumps his piece deep into the dude’s dick hungry hole, before commanding the cocksmith to climb on for a ride. Williams waxes poetic on the perfect peen, bouncing his beautiful booty on Jack’s giant jock till his hole hits the boy’s bust filled balls! Then, our bone loving bottom flips the script, and orders Jack, “face down, ass up!” Chase presses every throbbing inch forward, quickly hitting optimum ass banging, slam speed! The sweet sound of nuts knockin’ butt fills the air, and Phillips can’t contain the creamy explosion firing from his fat phallus and flooding the bed! His twitching tunnel squeezes Chase’s cream filled cock. The peaches and cream pretty boy pulls out, and unloads his liquid love into Jack’s slam-slick crack!


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