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Staxus: Texting Buds Park Their Screens For A Hot, Jizzy Flip-Flop Fuck! (Joel Tamir, Lucas Drake)

Comparing each other’s sexual conquests on their mobiles only seems to make Joel Tamir and Lucas Drake’s lust for each other all the more intense; as they promptly abandon their technology in favour of some old-fashioned intimacy. Not that you’d ever expect anything less from these two beauts, of course; and Drake, in particular, underlines his top-notch reputation as he literally hangs off Tamir’s monster, slurping away on every inch like his very life depended on it. In fairness, of course, next month’s rent money does; and Tamir is very quickly replicating the performance for very much the same reason. Cynicism placed to one side, however, these lads are clearly into each other big time; and to prove the point Drake soon has his tongue – followed by his thumb, and then his dick! – embedded in his buddy’s hairless fuck-hole. It signals the beginning of a truly unforgettable set-piece that sees Tamir banged almost senseless over the sofa; before the boys head down onto the floor so that Drake can get hammered like a bitch in return. Returning back to the chair, Tamir takes a second pounding; prior to a veritable white-out as both lads mercilessly clean out all their tubes!


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