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Staxus: Sleepy Beaut Joins His Bud For A Hard Fuck & A Mutual Facial! (Liam Stone, Navon Raffi)

Having travelled all the way from his native Belgium in search of the very best sexual adventures a young man could ever hope for, the last thing Liam Stone wants to be confronted with is a lover who prefers sleep to hard cock. As such, the lad might be forgiven for feeling that his journey to Prague is all set to be a big disappointment when he wakes up in Navon Raffi’s bed to discover that his fuck-buddy appears too fatigued to play. Anyone who’s ever seen Raffi in action, however, knows full well that that’s not a situation that’s ever gonna last long; and so it proves here, with the exchange of a few kisses clearly sufficient to wake the sleeping prince into a cock-crazed fever. Indeed, moments later and the two fellows are 69-ing like their fucking lives are depending on it; before Raffi finally directs his keen attention on the new boy’s sweet little fuck-hole and begins to rim Stone for all he’s worth. Suffice it to say it’s no time at all before Raffi’s handsome, uncut schlong has replaced his tongue in proceedings, forcing every hard inch of twink flesh deep into his mate’s guts – much to Stone’s clear relief. Cue a fabulous display of boy-on-boy rutting that sees Naffi quite literally pummel the newbie in a whole series of top-notch positions – exactly the kind of entertainment that is gonna get a legion of STAXUS wankers yanking their dicks in appreciation. For all that it’s arguably the sight of the two lads spewing the contents of their balls over each other’s faces as they top-and-tail for the climax that merits keenest acclaim; a fitting mega-sticky crescendo for a first class act!


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Watch full HD video on Staxus.com

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