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Staxus: Boy Scouting Fuckers (Adrian Bennet, Jamie Jackson)

Newbie Jamie Jackson is off to a great start paired with Adrian, who promptly after kissing get both their dicks out to play with each other whilst still kissing, needless to say this is a great match as from the begging both boys are “happy” to see each other. Adrian takes both the boys shorts off, and gets down to see the boys rock hard dick close up, soon the boy is sucking and jerking the new boys rock hard dick like there’s no tomorrow and Adrian enjoys the moment, so much when he takes a breath, he goes down on Adrian to contemplate his marvelous dick also! This is before he has Adrian turn around to rim the boys pucker, the excitement is so, that soon Adrian is begging to be fucked, and Jamie does so! It goes without saying that both boys enjoy the time they pass together and of course it ends in a creamy facial.


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