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Staxus: Blond Brit Boy Gets A Hard-Dicked Czech Welcome Up His Arse! (Beno Eker, Drew Brooks)

Prague in the summertime; and Brit blond newbie, Drew Brooks, has headed to the Czech capital for fun and adventure in the sunshine. Teaming up with Beno Eker, he’s soon being shown a taste of true native hospitality; with both buddies quickly heading to a local apartment in order to take this cultural exchange to a much more intimate level. Needless to say, it’s just a matter of moments before the two newfound friends are smooching away in their bottomless jocks; with hard cock soon becoming the main feature of the day, as both lads take turns to slurp on all the straining flesh now on offer. Given of what we already know of Eker already, of course, it should probably come as little surprise that he’s soon taking full advantage of the situation to explore Brooks’ hairless quarters; first rimming the English boy’s tight little arsehole, then plunging his thick shaft deep into the fellow’s guts. It marks the start of a terrific set-piece, which sees the horny visitor pounded in a succession of positions; and which eventually results in him spewing furious all over the bedcovers mid-fuck. All of which is topped off by the glorious sight of Eker happily dumping his sticky wad over Brooks’ chin!


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