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French Twinks: A Virgin Tight Ass for Enzo (Enzo Lemercier, Bastien Leray)

When you’re as well hung as Bastien Leray it’seasy to find partners who will top you. His big cock is a real bottom magnet and that’s why Bastien never had the opportunity to be passive! When he meets Enzo Lemercier the feeling is immediate and our dominant twink makes him quickly understand that he will have his ass, whether he wants it or not! Enzo decides to tie Bastien with tape to be able to submit him to his wishes and have the honor of entering his little virgin hole.

Feet and hands tied Bastien takes a masterful spanking from Enzo who doesn’t hold back the power of his slaps. After making Bastien screaming and blushing his bottom, Enzo is excited like crazy by this feeling of domination and he comes to drive his cock into the mouth of his slave. Somehow Bastien swallows Enzo’s cock and sucks him while trying to jack off with his hands tied. Enzo resumes his spanking session and starts to play with the hole of Bastien who starts to scream when a first finger penetrates his tight anus. The cries don’t stop Enzo, on the contrary it excites him even more (he’s a little sadistic boy) and the beautiful blonde masturbates while copiously fingering Bastien. The key moment comes and although he tried to resist Bastien concedes to give his ass to Enzo, which however shows a little sweetness at first. Step by step the pain gives way to this new pleasure and Bastien is smiling again.

It’s first lying on the side and the back that Enzo fuck this virgin ass with force before Bastien tries to free himself. A fight begins between the two twinks but Enzo finally gets the upper hand and Bastien who obviously appreciates being bottom comes to sit on Enzo’s cock. Let’s go for a new round of rodeo varying pounding and deep back and forth. When Enzo feels he’s close to cum he pushes Bastien and squirts on his face. The cheeks still covered with semen Bastien cum in turn, the head of Enzo on his stomach.


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