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8Teenboy: Feeling Better (Dustin Cook, Chase Williams)

Dustin Cook isn’t feeling well; so, he stayed home from school to rest up in bed. His parents are at work but, lucky for him he has a good friend, Chase Williams who’s willing to check in on him and see if he needs anything. Apparently the only thing Dustin needs to feel better is dick; so, it’s a good thing Chase has a LOT of it! After their high school make out sesh, the pretty pair peel off one another’s clothes in hopes that Dustin will be feeling better in no time. Williams is DEFINITELY a good friend, risking catching a cold playing tonsil hockey with the sick hottie. But, once their both fully naked, he sees it’s totally worth it! Even under the weather, Cook is stunning and always down to suck some schlong. He deep throats Williams’ wide wang while getting a hand job from his boy before Chase plants his pretty little pucker right down on Dustin’s darting tong for a sexy 69 session! Williams waxes poetic on pretty boy’s pole as Cook gets his hole wet and ready for a raw ride. The cute candy striper takes his rightful place on his buddy’s brick hard bare bone. With Dustin’s parents at work the boys can finally go buck wild. They tag team one another’s amazing asses, slamming big bareback boners up each other’s butts in a beautiful back door bang-a-thon where both boys share, pounding one another perfectly! Sharing IS caring after all and, Chase is determined to make sure Dustin is feelin’ fine by the time this sexy smashing crosses the sticky finish line! After they’ve both treated their tight twink holes to some heavenly hammering in several salacious positions, Chase winds up on top as Cook’s cock is about to blow! Dustin moans for his bed buddy to hammer harder; so, Williams wails his wide weapon at warp speed. This sends Dustin into absolute ecstasy and whatever cold Cook had spews out, seeding his smooth stomach with gooey goodness. Williams whips out and spits his spunk in the same sticky area, covering Cook with a hot, fresh fuck load of liquid pleasure. With the wet warmth between them, Chase goes in for a slippery snuggle kiss as Dustin let’s him know he’s feeling much better! Turns out, Chase’s mega monster is the best medicine!


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